A historic event not to be missed this summer

This summer from August 16th to 20th, more than 500 people will take part in the 2019 Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations Conference (HPAIR 2019), in Nur-Sultan the capital of Kazakhstan. The event is organized by students of Nazarbayev University. According to the conference’s organizing committee, more than 70 international and regional speakers have been invited to address conference goers during the week’s proceedings. 

 “HPAIR student leaders carry on the Harvard tradition of creating opportunities to learn by doing. It’s a hallmark of the HPAIR experience that has benefited generations of students – including myself. I was a student delegate from the University of Cambridge at the HPAIR conference in Seoul in 1996 and subsequently served as a workshop leader at the HPAIR conference in Hong Kong in 1999 during my time as a predoctoral fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School”, said Dr. John Park, Director of the Korea Working Group and Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, current HPAIR advisor (USA).

“HPAIR conferences have given me exposure to the geopolitical challenges, socioeconomic issues, and start-up ecosystem in Asia. The conferences had amazing speakers and panel discussions as well as some great cultural events. The 2018 Asia Conference was the first international event I attended; it was a breakthrough to the outside world and truly shaped who I am today. It specifically opened doors to learning more about entrepreneurship and sustainability, which led me to join two start-ups and take my work ahead on mental health”, said Dravisha Katoch, HPAIR Harvard College Conference 2019 delegate, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of “Aida” companies (India).
As previously reported, this is the first time in the HPAIR Conference’s history that the event will be hosted in Eurasia. Students of Nazarbayev University won the right to hold the conference competing with universities in Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan and India. The 2019 HPAIR conference coincides with the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan.