How to help your child enter Nazarbayev University?

If you want your child to study at Nazarbayev University, then the tips below will help you better prepare for admission:

  • Help your child choose a major, that will be really interesting for him/her. It might be worth googling and reviewing information about the major that interests your child. Also, reach out to the school counselor and ask your child to take a test to identify his/her strong skills. Remember that demand for majors is nothing whereas the demand for specialists is crucial.
  • Learn about the admission requirements of Nazarbayev University. You can do this by researching the University website, attending our information sessions, lectures, and Open House Days. Also, follow us on social media. 
  • Learn more about the types of scholarships and financial aid available for students. Note that 98% of our students study on the state scholarship, which covers tuition fee, monthly stipend, basic health insurance, and other expenses associated with studying.
  • Create a favorable emotional environment for your child to better prepare for entrance exams.
  • Make sure your child is ready to take the exam or pass an interview. Support him/her during the exam/interview.
  • It is better to start targeted preparation for admission as early as possible. We recommend starting preparation from the 9th grade.
  • Help your child submit all required documents for admission.

We hope that our tips will be useful.

If you have any additional questions on admission, please contact the Call-centre of the Admissions Department.
Telephone: + 7 (7172) 64 25 84
Office hours:
Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Sunday – closed