French researchers join Nazarbayev University research proejcts

Nazarbayev University opened Kazakh-French Collaboration Workshop. The seminar attracted the representatives from French research centers willing to join research projects of the Nazarbayev University Center for Energy Research in hydrology, photovoltaics and smart grid technologies.

President of CEDEP (European Centre for Executive Development) Francois Vachey, professor of biology, Advisor for Ministry of Higher Education and Research Christiane Keriel, Research engineer at the Geosciences Centre at MINES ParisTech Michel Poulin, Head of PIREN-Seine program at the University Pierre et Marie Curie Jean-Marie Mouchel from French delegation came to attend the workshop.

French researchers showed a great interest in smart grid project of the Center for Energy Research at Nazarbayev University. NU campus built a testing mini power station linked to solar panels and windmills. The system monitors nd analyzes energy production and consumption rates at the station. The monitoring system itself is also powered by the energy produced from renewable sources.

Moreover, during the seminar French researchers have been presented the project on Development of models of water systems of Burabay National Park region and Solar Photovoltaics development in Kazakhstan. Today, on June 26, 2012 French and Kazakhstani researchers with the the support of the Center of Hydrometeorological monitoring of Astana c. are visiting Akmola region to examine shallowing Shortan-Burabay lakes. In case of having current distructive climate and environment conditions Kazakhstani researchers expect Shortan-Burabay lakes to dissappear in 120-180 years.

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