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2023, October 11 NU now#NUgoesGLOBAL

Founding President Shigeo Katsu Speaks at Emerging Markets Forum in Marakesh

Founding President Shigeo Katsu Speaks at Emerging Markets Forum in Marakesh

2023, October 11

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NU’s Founding President Shigeo Katsu took part in the 16th edition of the Global Meetings organized by the Emerging Markets Forum on October 10-12.

The annual event took place in Marrakesh, Morocco this year, in collaboration with the Policy Center for the New South. The event coincided with the annual meetings of the World Bank and the IMF and centers around the theme "Improving Governance to Address Climate Change, Inequality, and Global Fragmentation."

This gathering serves as an annual platform for in-depth discussions on the challenges shaping the global economy, delving into both economic and geopolitical viewpoints. Participants, including officials, central bankers, academics, private sector representatives, and civil society members, exchange expertise. The focus of this year's edition was on various crucial topics, including the global economic outlook and prospects for emerging market economies, climate change with a spotlight on climate change finance, combating inequality, enhancing governance in emerging market economies, and reforming the multilateral system. This event not only fostered dialogue but also emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing pressing global issues and shaping sustainable economic development.

Shigeo Katsu participated in the discussion titled “Vision of the World Political and Economic Prospects” on October 11, sharing the stage with Harinder Kohli, Founding Director and Chief Executive, Emerging Markets Forum (EMF) and Hiroshi Watanabe, President of Institute for International Monetary Affairs.

“The key question is where do we find the path forward and obviously matters of the world go back to global governance. And global governance is too important a matter to leave to super powers, be it the US, China or Russia. What it calls for is, collectively, other countries, nations, and increasingly also non-state actors have to really think what is the common good for mankind. It means that the so-called middle powers have to take the initiative and find different ways, variable architecture, to think about how they can pick up specific topics and collectively act on them, and pressure the major powers who are all embroiled in their own dilemmas and tensions,” NU’s Founding President Katsu remarked.

During his visit to Morocco, Shigeo Katsu also met with the Vice-President of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund Fadi Al Shammary to discuss the potential and opportunities to join efforts in financing AI development and research at Nazarbayev University.

With a pivotal role in realizing Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation program, Public Investment Fund (PIF) ambitious strategy is propelling the national economy with the impact felt well beyond Saudi borders. PIF is currently looking into expanding its portfolio of international assets, investing in global sectors and markets by building strategic partnerships.

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