Five students of NU debate club “Nomad” have returned from Beijing Debate Academy 2014

The Academy was organized by Beihang University, “Za in Proti” debate organization of Slovenia, and the World Debate Institute. The Academy courses were held from July 18 till 25th.

The program was designed to train university students in British Parliamentary format, the same format that is used at the World Universities Debate Championship. Each day students were exposed to feature lectures, small group drills and exercises, two fully critiqued practice debates, and elective courses. 

Nazarbayev University students that attended the Debate Academy performed well at both the academy and tournament levels. The Academy had more than 100 participants, and tournament was attended by around 84 participants. Our students achieved the “Best team” and the “Best speaker” positions. 

Kamila Nassyrbayeva (SHSS) partnered with a Chinese student won the entire tournament (1st place). Kamila also was named the 8th best speaker of the tournament.

Nafissa Insebayeva (SHSS) who debated with Aizhan Issagali (SST) made it to the quarter-finals at the tournament. Aizhan was named the best speaker (top speaker) of the entire tournament and Nafissa achieved the second best speaker position. 

Arman Tailakov (SST) who debated with Sagynysh Baitursinov (SST) made it to the final round with Kamila. Out of the four teams in the round they were placed on the second place.