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2020, March 12

Five mobile applications developed in Nazarbayev University that could be of interest to investors

2020, March 12

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Mobile applications fully automate many processes in our lives, whether taxi calling service or food delivery. Nazarbayev University has launched and completed the development of several projects to allow renting vacant parking spots, managing home appliances using your smartphone, thinking consciously of your diet and booking online classes in children’s clubs and sections.

Here are the five most promising apps to make life easier for people who live in Kazakhstan.

  1. CeliacTestis online medical consultant that may diagnose celiac disease.

For whom: people who are worried that they may have Coeliac disease, and those who already have been diagnosed

About the project: Coeliac disease is the inability of intestines to digest certain cereal’s gluten – specifically wheat, barley, and rye. The Main symptoms are digestive disorders, frequent bloating and diarrhea. Diagnosing this disease in its earliest stages can be difficult because not only is there a general lack of awareness about the disease, but the presentation of clinical symptoms can be quite varied. About 90% of cases remain undiagnosed. Aizhan Kozhakhmetova, Researcher of School of Sciences and Humanities of Nazarbayev University, together with Korlan Zhumabekova and Nurdaulet Kenges, the students of Ph.D. program of School of Engineering and Digital Sciences have developed the world’s first mobile app to determine the risk of coeliac disease with a brief survey. This app is available on Google Play Market for Android.

According to developers: “This App allows users to find detailed information on Coeliac disease, concomitant conditions, diagnosis, and treatment. The internal guide contains useful information about doctors, medical centers, gluten-free restaurants and supermarkets available in the cities of Kazakhstan. Information on current research will be published in the scientific news section.”

  1. TuraQshare helps to rent vacant parking lots in residential complexes of Nur-Sultan city.

For whom: owners of parking spots who want to rent their space out when it is not in use; drivers searching for the parking spots for their cars, especially in busy areas (“Nursaya”, House of Ministries, etc.).

About the project: you can rent parking spots using this app by the hour, week or month. One month costs 15,000 KZT, 1 hour – 150 KZT, the second and subsequent hours cost less. Thus, the average cost is 55 KZT per hour.  TuraQshare team guarantees the safety of vehicles, including car theft. The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone.

According to Askhat Sharipov, one of the app developers and graduate of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences of Nazarbayev University, recent research shows that every fifth person who owns a parking spot would like the ability to rent his or her spot out when it is not in use. 

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  1. SHOOFTYis a map of interesting places that provides multimedia information, news, and planned events.

For whom: tourists, citizens of Kazakhstan and the world.

About the project: SHOOFTY is a kind of multimedia version of 2GIS or a guide to various locations around Kazakhstan and the world. Most buildings, monuments and other sites have NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR-codes. After scanning this code, the user is then provided with important information like the history of the site, what one can see if they visit the attraction, the hours of operation, and any ongoing events. The app is developed by Mona Rizvi Professor and students of the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, received financial assistance from the innovation cluster of Nazarbayev University, and some Kazakhstani sites have already been added to the app.

  1. Smart Counter is the app for managing home appliances remotely.

For whom: busy people who want to save time, energy and electricity.

About the project: Smart Counter may remotely turn off an iron or kettle, turn a thermostat up or off. Mehdi Bagheri Professor of Nazarbayev University and his students plan to launch an app soon. Both Kazakh and Irish investors are interested in the project.

  1. UniСlub is a common platform for booking children’s classes.

For whom: parents who want to develop children’s skills in sports, arts, etc.

About the project: UniClub app offers a list of children’s activities and clubs, detailed information about each club, teachers, and schedules. It provides the opportunity to sign up and create a single subscription for several types of classes. It helps parents to save time while choosing classes, and it helps clubs to have better enrollment for their activities.  

 “We are currently developing the main platform, and attracting new children’s clubs. We have launched a website where you can find information about 12 clubs currently available in the capital that offer 40 different classes for children. First users need to leave a request on the website, after which, we will select several classes for the single subscription fee”,- says Saule Batyraliyeva, the project founder, student of the MBA program in Graduate School of Business of Nazarbayev University.

The project team also wants to partner with children’s sport, creative and education centers to help make such supplementary education for children more affordable.

The business incubator and business accelerator in the innovation cluster of NURIS of Nazarbayev University (Nazarbayev University Risk-taking Inspiration Synergy) support perspective startups at the early stages and help to find investors. Programs are available not only for students of Nazarbayev University, but all interested citizens of Kazakhstan. Moreover, academic programs of Nazarbayev University together with innovation cluster give solid scientific, technical and material base for successful business creation.

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