The First NU day was conducted in London, UK

On November 22, 2017, the First NU day was conducted  in London, UK.  Nazarbayev University was represented by the NU Alumni Chapter in UK Aliya Sembayeva, Adil Zharmukhambetov, graduates of the first 2015 NU cohort.  They have  conducted the event with the support of KazSociety UCL and the Embassy of KZ in the UK.

There were almost 20 participants (students studying A-Level, bachelor degree) and 4 NU graduates (Adil Zharmukhambetov, Aigerim Omirkhan, Aliya Sembayeva,Carina Bektur) and NU Admission Department representative (Online by skype). Graduates gave a presentation about the University academic programs and research opportunities at NU. Also, they answered questions on addmissions process, and shared their own experience.

In addition, On November 21, The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Kairat Abdrakhmanov met with NU Alumni Chapter in the UK & KazSociety presidents during his visit to London. He shared the news on the strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and stated that Kazakhstani educated young people are the ones who would implement strategic goals of modernization and joining Kazakhstan into the 30 world’s most developed countries. Minister K.Abdrakhmanov wished succsess to NU students in their studies.

The NU Alumni Chapters are established on a voluntary basis and there are 7 Chapters (UK, USA, Singapore, China, S.Korea, Almaty, Atyrau).  It offers alumni the opportunity to stay involved with and connected to the University, students, and fellow alumni. 

For the information: 

6 chapters are listed there and One will be added.