First meeting of the NU Committee on Internationalization in 2021

On February 11, 2021 the NU Committee on Internationalization gathered its members and invited guests together for the first regular meeting in 2021 to review the accomplishments and achievements made in 2020 and to discuss and share plans on joint activities in 2021. The program of the meeting was very dense, covering a wide range of items, including the international recognition of NU, such as Institutional and Program Accreditation and Ranking, general review of internationalization major results for 2020 and future Strategy, update on marketing activities held in 2020, recruitment of international students, and findings of NU Community surveys on Internationalization and Strategic Partnership. 

 The meeting was opened with an overview of statistics on international students with a focus on their distribution by schools, preferences in majors, and gender; and faculty representation at schools, their positions, and degrees. The item of institutional and program accreditation was covered by the Provost and a presentation made by the Director of the Department of International Cooperation, Aliya Kaimoldinova, briefing the participants on the status of accreditation at Kazakhstani Higher Education Institutions. 

 The next item was an update on promotion of NU brand and development of corporate identity in mass media presented by the Marketing Department. The Admissions Department presented data on recruitment of international students, including activities towards attracting more students aiming at reaching strategic target numbers set in the NU Strategy 2018-2030. 

 The participants of the meeting held an active discussion and raised the critical strategic matters for the year 2021. Overall, the contribution made by the participants demonstrated the versatile intensive work in internationalizing of NU that has been done by all NU units.  

 Some materials from the Committee can be found here.