First Medical Device assembled in Nazarbayev University Technopark

On the 27th of October, 2017 the President of Nazarbayev University Mr. Shigeo Katsu sealed a label onto the first batch of the medical device HeartStitch KwiKnotTM that was assembled by the “Educated Medical Solutions” LLP team at the Nazarbayev University Technopark site.

The HeartStitch KwiKnotTM is a crucial part of the breakthrough percutaneous suture-based HeartStitch EL technology used to close Patent Foramen Ovale amongst patients with previous history of Cryptogenic Stroke or severe cases of Migraine. This device allows Interventional Cardiologists to tie sutures firmly in place with a small knot leaving only a tiny footprint in the surrounding heart tissue.

Prior to the production of the first batch, the “Educated Medical Solutions” LLP has built clean rooms and machine shop in accordance with the safety requirements. The company has also extensively trained its engineers and assemblers at the HeartStitch Inc. manufacturing site in Fountain Valley, California, US.

The first batch of HeartStitch KwiKnotTM device has been sent to the US testing site to undergo further rigorous testing before it is considered to be safe and fit for production purposes.