First episode of ‘PopSci’ premieres on NU’s YouTube channel

The guests of the premier episode of NU’s new YouTube project ‘PopSci’ are professors of NU GSB Jennifer L. Lewis and Jozef Konings.

NU’s new YouTube project ‘PopSci’ will premiere on September 1st. In the first episode, Associate Professor of NU GSB Jennifer L. Lewis and Professor of Economics of NU GSB Jozef Konings will answer a variety of questions related to business, finance and economics. Why do women still earn less than their male counterparts? Will traditional paper money and coins become an anachronism in the near future? Will cryptocurrency conquer the world? What is the best way to invest your money?

To learn answers to these and other, no less interesting questions, watch the first episode of ‘PopSci’ on the NU’s YouTube channel!

All new episodes of ‘PopSci’ will be posted on NU’s YouTube channel every Wednesday.