During the international conference in Astana scholars will discuss the development of social statehood in Central Asia

4:15 p.m. August 5th, 2013 at Nazarbayev University the international conference of the European Society of Central Asian Studies (ESCAS) will hold a panel “Migration, Welfare and the State: Responding to Social Challenges in the Post-Soviet Era.” The goal of this panel is to review a number of social and health care challenges and analyze the effectiveness of the post-Soviet governments in tackling these problems. The participants will also discuss the role of non-state actors in providing the population with necessary social welfare services.
“I am very excited about Nazarbayev University hosting ESCAS 2013,” says Daniel Pugh, Assistant Professor and Vice-dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University.  “This event brings together the best scholars of the region from around the globe.  It is a rare pleasure to find so many experts on a single region sharing ideas in one place and I look forward to hours of lively discussion.
The Nazarbayev University community will benefit greatly from hosting this event and it demonstrates that we are quickly becoming a central hub for research on Central Asia.” The program of the panel includes 3 themes: “Social Work of Boundaries in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan” – Sofia An, University of Toronto, “Regional Development, Social Inequality and Labour Disputes in Kazakhstan: Two Years after Zhanaozen” – Elena Maltseva, Nazarbayev University, “Effects of Labour Migration: A Case for Reform of the Tajik Family Law to Protect Women” – Dilbar Turakhanova, independent scholar.
The first conference of The European Society for Central Asian Studies took place in 1987 in London, UK and was convened by the School of Oriental and African Studies. Since then, the event has been held in 11 countries around the world with a frequency of once in two years. The ESCAS conference in Astana, the first ever in Central Asia, will be namely at Nazarbayev University. The previous conference took place in 2011 in the UK at the University of Cambridge.

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