Creative Spark Case Competition Results

Within the framework of the British Council initiative for the development of entrepreneurial skills and creative economy on April 13-14 Digital Creativity Laboratory (NURIS) in partnership with Loughborough University held the Creative Spark Case Competition to solve a real existing problem among the students of Nazarbayev University.

The task, set by the Department of Marketing of NU, was to come up with an idea for one effective and comprehensive communication solution which would reduce the number of emails, paper usage and the overall informational noise.

Here are some amazing results we have got!

  • 96 participants
  • 24 hours of hard work
  • 23 great original solutions
  • 3,000 £ prize fund

1st place winners £1500 - Sanitary Check-Up Team

1st place winners £1500 – Sanitary Check-Up Team

The team came up with the most holistic and resourceful solution, which was comprised of effective online and offline components. The solution offered machine learning news and emails recommendations feature.

2nd place winners £1000 - No Names Team

2nd place winners £1000 – No Names Team

The team not only offered a solution but presented working website and social network like app prototypes integrated with Google calendar.

3rd place winners £500 - Enigma Team

3rd place winners £500 – Enigma Team

The team offered a working prototype of an app that allows for different types of accounts, personalized content and integration with offline materials via QR codes.

Our Judges

Our Judges
  • Bolat Sultangazin, Business Accelerator, Director
  • Assel Uvaliyeva, Marketing Department, Director
  • Xenia Axt, Senior Manager, Marketing Department
  • Galina Koretskaya, British Council, Head of Arts and Creative Economy

Workshop on Design Thinking

Workshop on “Design Thinking”

A workshop on Design Thinking was delivered to participants by Dr. Antonius van den Broek from Loughborough University London to help them brainstorm ideas better

Workshop on "From Idea to Startup"

Workshop on “From Idea to Startup”

A workshop on how to transform an abstract idea into a clear plan and strategy was delivered by Magrifa Kamiyeva, strategy consultant.