The ceremony of awarding certificates to teachers of Kazakh schools, graduates of training programs

December 11, 2013 the Graduate School of Education Nazarbayev University hosted a ceremony of awarding certificates to teachers of Kazakh schools, graduates of training programs.

During the six-month training programs 75 teachers from different regions of the country have been trained in effective methods of teaching and in new educational technologies. The classes were conducted by an international team of top instructors, who past serious competition for the right to teach in this course.

The event also hosted a presentation of the book, written jointly by teachers and instructors (teachers of the program) – the result of research on the topic of education – “Stepping Stones: Recording the Voices of the Past”. The book is a record of “life experience” of people of the Soviet era, the memories of the Soviet school teachers, their arguments about modern education, their comparing of their school years with the school years of their children and grandchildren.

This book can be considered as a folk version of the history of education that allows feeling the atmosphere of that era. There is no doubt, photos of private archives and documents of the Soviet era served as decoration of the publication.

 By the way, modern teachers will find tips from the book very useful. As a former teacher Alma Mukatova says: «We must remember that children will never forgive the insincerity and hypocrisy. When you come just for the money, or you have nowhere to go, they will not accept you. Conversely, when the teacher knows and loves his work, children begin to respect him. Love your children and they will love you. “

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