Beauty of Science

Nazarbayev University recently opened a photo exhibition entitled the “Beauty of Science” featuring the work of Dr. Vadim Yapiyev, alumnus of NU School of Engineering, and Sholpan Kauanova, a PhD-student of NU School of Engineering.  The photos are hanging from ropes among the palm trees in the University’s atrium.

This collection was inspired by both photographers’ doctoral dissertation research.  The exhibition is a celebration of scientific research locals, topics, and methods.  Specifically, Vadim Yapiyev’s research is related to studying Burabai’s environment and during his frequent research trips he created photographs showing the region’s beauty. Sholpan Kauanova, in turn, employs microscopy methods in her research, and she captured all of these fascinating images during photo shots on campus in one of NU’s laboratories.

“The photograph of Ulken Shabakty was taken from the top of Kokshetau Mountain in the spring of 2013, when we only began to conduct research on the water balance of the Burabay lake system. A photo of a micrometeorological station, that uses the Eddy Covariance Method to measure the energy and water balance of Lake Shortandy (Shuchye), is also presented in the exhibition. The station was installed on a small island of the lake in 2016. I think the meaning and value of our exhibition is precisely in this – in those ties that exist between Science and Beauty, Empirical and Aesthetic Perception of the World and Nature,” said Dr. Vadim Yapiyev.

The photo exhibition will be open for one month, and it will be available to all university guests.