Azat Suleimenov: It all depends on me

Azat Suleimenov graduated from the very first cohort of Nazarbayev University in 2015, from the School of Engineering with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2017, he graduated from Boston University with a Master Degree in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. He is currently working as a mechanical engineer in a team that is building an electric engine.

Sharing about his future prospects in the company, Azat said, “There are no borders and no limits. Everything depends on me. The main thing is to be an excellent engineer, to show skill and efficiency. If you do well in your everyday work, showing how great the product you work on can be, then all roads are open for you, and you actualize your potential, the main thing is desire and hard work. If I’m a good engineer, then the future ahead is great,” he said.

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