The first business incubation program starts at Nazarbayev University

Astana Business Campus is pleased to announce the launch of the first business incubation program of Nazarbayev University for young entrepreneurs, students and innovators – ABC Incubation!

Do you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur? Do you have a “million” idea? You don’t know how to start? Do you want to get the maximum support for the development of your idea? Or just get on the list of the most successful businessmen in the world?

If you find yourself at least on one question, ABC Incubation is for YOU!

The goal of the business incubation program is to support new ideas, innovative business projects at an early stage that solve the real problems of the industry. As a result of the program, startup teams will develop not only a successful business plan, but also a working prototype of your future product. The program is aimed at teaching, practicing and developing a viable business model, as well as attracting potential customers to promote and launch the product. The program duration is 12 weeks, which includes technology entrepreneurship training, necessary services and infrastructure for product development, personal mentoring, tracking, seminars and expert sessions with successful entrepreneurs and professionals in their field.

Priority directions of the program:

  1. Industry 4.0
  2. Medicine
  3. Agriculture
  4. Green campus

The selected start-up teams, during the business incubation program, will be able to use the services of the Experimental Workshop, the Digital Lab Prototyping Laboratory Fab Lab and the multimedia lab Media Lab. In addition, successful graduates of the program will get a chance to get into the third accelerating program ABC Quick Start 2018, which will be held this summer in the walls of the Technopark Nazarbayev University.

Young entrepreneurs, students, professionals, developers and inventors can take part in ABC Incubation, as well as all those who have innovative ideas and original solutions to the problem.

The program is open to all and will take place at the site of the Technopark Nazarbayev University.

Detailed information and registration by reference: