Annual Strategic Partners Meeting of Nazarbayev University

One of the most important events – the annual Strategic Partners’ Meeting of Nazarbayev University (hereinafter – NU) took place on June 4-5, 2018. The topic of the meeting was dictated by the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: “Reinventing the University of the 21st Century: “Challenges and Responses to the Technological Disruptions.  Implications for our Partnership: the Way Forward”.

The meeting was attended by strategic partner universities’ representatives from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), Fuqua Business School, Duke University (USA), University of Pittsburgh (USA), University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Pennsylvania (USA), University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (USA), the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (USA), and Colorado School of Mines (USA).

The meeting was opened by the opening speech of Shigeo Katsu, President of the Nazarbayev University, in which he greeted the partners of the university, and expressed gratitude for the long-term fruitful cooperation and stressed the need for joint work in leveling up partnership with NU and further building of an international world-class research university that will become a point of attraction in Eurasia.

On the first day of meeting the partners discussed the scales and limits of Industry 4.0 implications on the classical education system, what will be the impact of technologies on the learning processes, what kind of training is needed from the universities, as well as Preparing and Retraining University Staff for Embracing the Change. On the second day, Eduardo Araral, Vice Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore gave a seminar on topic “Research Strategies at partner institutions. How can Partners support NU?” Also, representatives from University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, the Oak Ridge Associated Universities together with the Dean of the School of Science and Technology of Nazarbayev University gave a seminar on “Innovation units, local incubation and entrepreneurial collaborations”.

  • As we prepare for the future, we must take into account the need to keep pace with

the pace of changing the world and the economy and to use the new technology as a tool to produce graduates of the future – concluded Aliya Kaimoldinova, Director of the Department of International Cooperation of Nazarbayev University.

Furthermore, on June 1, 2018, the partners took part in the IV graduation ceremony for students with the participation of the Head of the State N.A. Nazarbayev.