Alma mater: the future begins today

We interviewed Yekaterina  Khamzina, a graduate of the School of Medicine with a degree of “Doctor of Medicine/MD”. Yekaterina  talks about her experience studying at the School of Medicine and her future medical career.

– Tell us a little about yourself, about your studies at the NU.

– I am from Almaty, but in 2001 my family moved to Astana where I graduated from high school. After graduation, I entered the Foundation program as one of the very first students to enroll at Nazarbayev University – the so-called ID2010.  After the Foundation program, I completed my studies in Biology, and then over the past four years I studied to become a Doctor of Medicine. After nine years of training, I can say for sure that I do not regret my choice!

I want to be a surgeon and I plan to start a new phase of my studies soon. In order to do this, I now have to continue my training with a medical residency. Today School of Medicine offers five residency programs for those who have completed an MD: surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, as well as family medicine.

– What kinds of knowledge and opportunities did you gain from studying at Nazarbayev University?

– The past nine years spent at the university are unforgettable to me. Nazarbayev University has given me a lot.  It gave me fundamental knowledge in biology, medicine, critical thinking skills, a good knowledge of English and much more. But the most important thing for me was getting to know a lot of interesting people! After all, Kazakhstan’s most talented and hardworking young people study here. Thanks to NU, I met my friends who are my support and motivation. Today, all of them are successful and inspire me to great achievements. For a long time I was also a part of the university basketball team, which became champions of the city! While playing basketball I was taught to never give up and work tirelessly to achieve my goals. Our coach often said that there is no shortcut to success, because everything in life is achieved only by daily hard work. I am sure that the experience gained within the walls of my Alma mater will remain with me for the rest of my life and will become the basis for my future victories and achievements.

– What wishes do you have for the graduates and future students of Nazarbayev University School of Medicine?

– First of all, I would like to congratulate the graduates on their completion of university and the beginning of a new stage in their lives. I wish them success in all of their future undertakings, advise them not to be afraid to try and discover who they are and how they fit into this big world, not to retreat at the sight of difficulties, but to work and reach the highest peaks. I wish that my fellow graduates and I remain motivated and become first-class professionals!

For future students, I wish that they enjoy their studies and have inexhaustible enthusiasm. Today, our university has many opportunities for self-development: there are a large number of clubs open to students, a wide range of subjects, and a variety of language courses. You should feel free to try out something new and interesting. The time you spend at university will be fast-paced. From day one, seek to be involved so that you form vivid memories and make new acquaintances.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and start over and over again.

For those who choose to follow a medical path, you will need patience. On the way to your dream you will face many challenges, both external and internal. They will not be easy to overcome, but the result of the work done well will definitely bring you satisfaction. Finally, for my alma mater I wish further development and even more talented students, whose will succeed in the future and  I am sure will be known in the whole world!