AIX and Nazarbayev University signed a Memorandum of Understanding

The Parties intend to cooperate to promote the listing of small and medium-sized mining corporations on AIX, through the creation of a mining resources repository and listing criteria for potential issuers. It is also planned to develop a Training Trading Platform at NU GSB with ambient visualization of real-time activity on markets and to incorporate market data terminals within the environment.

In addition, AIX and students of NU will conduct joint research which is relevant to both academia and AIX and covers various areas, such as frontier capital markets, design of securities, commodities, market liquidity and sustainability. Students will also get a chance to get information support for their Master thesis projects and participate in internship programs at AIX.

«Nazarbayev University is very excited about the partnership and collaboration with the Astana International Exchange. The signed memorandum will allow different schools at NU  to work together with AIX on projects that will combine the know-how of the university with the market access, insights,  and data generated by AIX,» – noted Professor, Dr. Patrick Duparcq, Dean of NU Graduate School of Business.

According to Renat Bekturov, CEO of AIX, collaboration between business and of science represented by two leading Kazakhstani institutions will be highly beneficial as a source of innovation for the country. He stated: «We will be able to accomplish more and attain greater results by working together to develop new products and services, provide new perspective and give fresh ideas to increase productivity.»