A participant of the IQanat-2018 Olympiad was accepted to NU

Last year, Aiym Omirtaeva took the 5th place in the overall the 2018 IQanat Republican Olympiad hosted at Nazarbayev University.  Before competing at the national level, the student first won the regional competition for the Zaisan district in East-Kazakhstan.  Aiym who is originally from town Zaisan dreamed of attending Nazarbayev University. Even though she only placed 5th at the Republican Olympiad, she continued to work hard to qualify for entrance to the university.  She did not give up and studied hard, which resulted in her scoring the desired 6.0 on IELTS. This score along with her other qualifications meant that she was able to enroll to the Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program.

The main goal of IQanat is to support and motivate students from rural schools in obtaining equal access to admission at national and foreign universities. As of 2019, the IQanat Program operates in 162 rural districts, reaching more than 30,000 rural school students.  This year, 712 students qualified to participate in the final round of the Olympiad.

This is the second year that Nazarbayev University has provided assistance to the IQanat Republican Olympiad in cooperation with the IQanat Foundation.

NUFYP (Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program) is a one year intensive program at the Center for Preparatory Studies of Nazarbayev University. The program provides intensive preparation in academic subjects, including math and science, as well as in language proficiency necessary for success in the undergraduate programs of Nazarbayev University. Following the successful completion of study at NUFYP, Nazarbayev University Schools accept students for further education in the undergraduate programs.

Every year, NUFYP awards 700 grants to Kazakh students who have passed all stages of the selection process and have the most competitive scores.