200 Kazakhstanis would like to transfer to Nazarbayev University from other universities or make direct admission to undergraduate program

Nazarbayev University registered 200 candidates on Direct Admission and Transfer Programs. This year the university made changes in admission rules and increased the number of opportunities for prospective students. Before that time all the students were supposed to start with the Foundation program at the Centre for Preparatory Studies.

Overall 172 people would like to apply to the Undergraduate program without going to the Centre for Preparatory Studies (Foundation Program) first. This group includes 33 prize winners of republic and international school subject olympiads, who according to admission rules, have special admission requirements. The Admissions Office started to review applications in July 2012.

Moreover, 28 people became NU transfer candidates from other universities. Candidates, up to their academic performance level and NU schools’ facilities, have an option to continue their study at the 1st or the 2nd year of NU undergraduate programs. Transfer candidates’ applications will be also reviewed in July 2012.

Currently Nazarbayev University has about one thousand students. 500 Kazakhstani government scholarships have been granted for Kazakhstani citizens who will study at the Nazarbayev University Foundation Program in 2012-2013. Undergraduate programs are offered at three Nazarbayev University schools: the School of Engineering, School of Science and Technology, and School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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