The 1st Gender Forum started at Nazarbayev University

On June 13th Nazarbayev University opened a multi-day forum on Gender for the first time, and the theme is “Gender Challenges and Changes in Central Asia”. More than 100 scientists, teachers, and representatives of Kazakhstani and international organizations will take part in the forum. The keynote speakers are Dr. So Young Kim, Director of the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy of the Korean Institute of Advanced Technology (KAIST, Korea) and Dr. Gulnara Ibrayeva, a Central Asian journalist, scientist, and international expert on issues of gender development.

“This forum is a great opportunity to set a dialogue between scientists, practitioners and institutions working in gender field in Kazakhstan and abroad. We tried to organize both theoretical and practical discussions of gender issues at the forum. For example, active participants are Faculty from NU School of Medicine who bring the issues that doctors face in their practical work with patients. And representatives of Kazakhstani schools will discuss gender aspects of their work with school students,” said Jenifer Lewis, Associate Professor of NU Graduate School of Business.

It should be noted that the theme of the forum includes issues of equality in career opportunities, social norms of behavior, women’s participation in politics, sexual education of youth, domestic violence, women’s entrepreneurship, working with LGBTQ patients in medical practice, gender aspects of corruption, etc. During a second day of the Forum a round table of stakeholders will be held, where education practitioners, researchers, representatives of NGOs and organizations will discuss the practical application of gender studies in the region.

“My colleagues and I at Nazarbayev University conduct extensive research on gender aspects in a school environment. In addition to studying the environment and experience of teachers and students in Kazakhstan, we also analyzed the content of textbooks of 7-8 grades in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Tomorrow we will share the results of our research at the round table”, – said Anna CohenMiller, Assistant Professor of the NU Graduate School of Education.

The main organizer of the forum is the Consortium of Gender Scholars (GenCon), which has been working at Nazarbayev University for five years.