Mert Guney

Құрылыс және экологиялық инженерия кафедрасы, Инженерия және цифрлық ғылымдар мектебі
Ассистент профессор
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Assist. Prof. Guney got his Ph.D. degree (mineral engineering) from Polytechnique Montréal. He has a B.Sc. in civil engineering and M.Sc. in environmental technology. His specialization is in environmental contamination characterization and human health risk assessment (soils, mine wastes, consumer goods). 

Overall, Dr. Guney has thirteen years of research experience in the environmental domain. His experience includes evaluating contamination in urban soils and mine residues with metals and PAHs, bioaccessibility assessment, assessment of human exposure, and characterization of human health risks. He also has expertise on contaminants and their bioaccessibility in consumer goods (toys and children’s jewelry) and associated risks. His future research interests include contemporary mining-related environmental issues including mine waste management, surveying and monitoring of contaminated sites, and their management and remediation including risk characterization. 

Dr. Guney has university-level teaching experience at assistant professor and course instructor level for 7 years which includes courses on environmental engineering, environmental geochemistry, mining environment, and contaminated soils management and treatment. His teaching assistant experience includes mine waste management, solid waste management, management of hazardous substances and wastes, introduction to environmental sciences and engineering, and global change.

PUBLICATIONS (September 2017): 16 published articles in good/excellent SCI journals, 19 international conference proceedings. Total citations: 284, h-index: 9, g-index: 16.

Keywords: contaminant bioaccessibility, environmental monitoring, exposure assessment, human health risk characterization, metals, mine wastes, mining engineering, site characterization, soil pollution, PAHs, toys and jewelry contamination, soil science