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Yerkin G. Abdildin graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC, www.illinois.edu) with a PhD in Industrial Engineering (August, 2014). He earned his Master of Computer Science degree from UIUC in 2008. Y. G. Abdildin taught multi-disciplinary courses compulsory for students majoring in Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, Civil, Materials Science, and Aerospace Engineering at UIUC for 3 years and was listed in the “List of teachers ranked as excellent by their students” (Spring, 2012).

Prof. Abdildin joined the School of Engineering and Digital Sciences at Nazarbayev University in December, 2014. Since then, he successfully supervised PhD (1), MEM (3), and BEng students. 

56 of his students became Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) and 12 Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP).

12 CSWP titleholders:

1. Nursultan Alzhanov
2. Aslan Belgibayev
3. Beibit Zharylkassyn
4. Ansar Shubayev
5. Bekbolat Adekenov
6. Adil Talgat
7. Kemel Shomenov
8. Azamat Salamat
9. Dastan Kaldybayev
10. Darkhan Otegen
11. Beknur Smagulov
12. Aidyn Zhanbolat

Prof. Abdildin developed and edited the Guidelines for BEng in Mechanical Engineering (2015) and guided the 1st two cohorts of Nazarbayev University graduates in 2015 and 2016. Some of them continue their studies at PhD programs in the USA. At Nazarbayev University, he also developed and taught several new courses, such as Advanced Statistics and Probability, Applied Statistics and Probability, Computer Aided Design, Research Project, Decision Models. 

As a member of the MSc Committee (since 2016), he also developed Master of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program (2018) and is currently a member of the Department’s PhD Admission Committee and MSc Admission Committee. Prof. Abdildin is also the Coordinator of the Industry Committee and a member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Mathematics (CISM) at Nazarbayev University. He is a member (MILT) of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT, https://www.ciltinternational.org/) 

His research interests include:

  • Decision Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Computational Science with a particular interest in applications to energy systems, biomechanical systems, financial systems, and transportation systems.


Nazarbayev University, Collaborative Research Program                  Jan 2020 – Dec 2022

University-Industry Partnerships for Innovating and Improving Quality of Higher Education in Kazakhstan,” USD 168,601.00, Co-Principal Investigator

 Nazarbayev University, Collaborative Research Program                  Jan 2020 – Dec 2022

Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Mathematics (CISM),” USD 296,400.00, researcher.

Prof. Abdildin accepts creative, motivated, and talented PhD students.