Ерлан Аманбек

Математика, Жаратылыстану, әлеуметтік және гуманитарлық мектебі
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Dr. Yerlan Amanbek is currently Postdoctoral Scholar at Department of Mathematics, SST, NU. He received a PhD in Computational Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CSEM)  at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES) in the University of Texas at Austin, USA in 2018. He was at the Center for Subsurface Modeling and was supervised by Professor Mary Wheeler. In fact, ICES ranked No.1 for Interdisciplinary Applications of Mathematics. His research focuses on the numerical analysis of partial differential systems that arise in subsurface phenomena using mathematical modeling and scientific computation. His main interests are finite element methods, numerical analysis including a priori and a posteriori error analysis, scientific computing, computational transport phenomena and numerical reservoir simulations. 

He received the Best Poster Award at the 2017 Texas Applied Mathematics and Engineering Symposium, USA. He also received SIAM Travel Award and RECS Program Award, USA. In 2018, he had an externship at Schlumberger Sugar Land, Houston, Texas, USA.

As NU Team Leader, he introduced the Nazarbayev University Team at the International Mathematical Competition in 2012  (for first time) and in 2013. The best achievement was in 2013 when the NU team result ranked in the top 30 universities. He went to Al-Khorezmi International Mathematical Olympiad 2018 as Team Leader and the NU team came back with medals.