Барлықтарыңызға есік ашық. Жаңармай энергиясыз қалалар.

Мам 3, 2012

Ашық дәріс «Жаңармай энергиясыз қалалар»

Қайда және қашан:
Бейсенбі, 3 мамыр, 2012, 10.00 – 13.00
Nazarbayev University, Блок 6, каб. 6.105

Доктор Энди ван ден Доббельстин, Климаттық орындалу мен тұрақтылығының профессоры, Делфт Технологиялық Университеті, Нидерландтар.

Тілі: Ағылшын
Fossil fuels will deplete eventually but even before that moment cause hampering supplies to many parts in the world. Moreover, it is debatable whether an intelligent society should be aiming for the full exploitation and consumption of these valuable high-quality sources whilst they cause various ecological and social problems.
Especially cities are very vulnerable to energy crises, as they are almost fully reliant on central energy supplies from outside. It is therefore important that cities become more resilient in terms of the self-provision of energy (along with food, water and materials). A transition needs to be commenced soon, in order to timely develop sustainable cities.
In the lecture Professor Dobbelsteen will discuss different methods to support a transition to cities beyond fossil fuels, exemplifying these by results of recent studies in the Netherlands.

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