Барлықтарыңызға есік ашық. Ғылыми семинар ”Preliminary results of analysis and modelling Kazakhstan’s energy system”

Ақп 16, 2012

Қайда және қашан:
Бейсенбі, 16 ақпан, 2012, 17:00
Nazarbayev University, Блок 9, каб. 9105

Айымгүл Исмагулова, Назарбаев Университеті Энергетика зерттеулер орталығының зерттеушісі

Kazakhstan is a newly independent state, which is developing its own way to face economic, energy and environmental issues. Export of primary energy resources is the main chapter in the national economy, however, it is important to sustain economic growth without causing harm to the environment and satisfy internal energy needs with the most energy-efficient technologies.
In order to provide decision makers with qualitative assessments of energy policies made today, TIMES-Kazakhstan model of energy system is under development within one of the CER projects. TIMES technical economic modelling tool helps to explore possible futures for the national energy system and suggest cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies for meeting energy demands. Currently the team tested the energy system for CO2 reduction constraints and different retirement profile of existing power plants. Some features of the energy system of Kazakhstan and preliminary results of the TIMES-Kazakhstan model, as well as methodology will be presented.

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