Барлықтарыңызға есік ашық. Ғылыми семинар ”Development of photovoltaics laboratory at the Center for Energy Research”

Ақп 15, 2012

Қайда және қашан:
Сәрсенбі, 15 ақпан, 2012, 18:00
Nazarbayev University, Блок 8, каб. 8307

Ғалымжан Қойшиев, Ph.D., Назарбаев Университеті Энергетика зерттеулер орталығының бас зерттеушісі

Is there an environmentally friendly solution to theglobal energy crisis? It is widely recognized that the solar energy can beutilized to meet the ever increasing energy demand. Photovoltaic (PV) solarcells are devices, which directly convert solar energy into the most practicalform of energy – electricity. There are a various technical and fundamentalchallenges that PV science and industry faces today, such as conversionefficiency, cost per peak watt and lifetime, etc. The PV group and laboratory iscurrently under development with the intention to meet some of thesechallenges. If you are interested to know more about PV in general and learnwhat you can do now to be a part of this promising research direction you are welcome.

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