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Ақп 23, 2012

Ғылыми семинар ”The Development of Nanocapsulation Technology for Biomedical Drug Delivery”

 Қайда және қашан:
Бейсенбі, 23 ақпан, 2012, 17:00
Nazarbayev University, Блок 9, каб. 9105

Спикер: Қанат Дүкенбаев, Назарбаев Университеті Энергетика зерттеулер орталығының зерттеушісі

The objective of current proposal is to fabricate biodegradable polymer based micro- and nanoparticles containing growth factors secreted by various types of human stem cells. Obtained micro-, nanoparticles will release encapsulated growth factors gradually into ischemic environment of tissue and therefore improve and facilitate collateral development. We hypothesize that the time-dependent and prolonged release of growth factors will ensure proper collateral development and improve patient’s condition suffering ischemia. We believe that this method, rather than injecting stem cells, would bypass critical clinical issues, such as potential tumorigenesis and the graft versus host disease that occur in allogenic transplantations.

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