Zhumabay Bakenov

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, National Laboratory Astana, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Prof. Zhumabay Bakenov is a Full Professor in Chemical Engineering of School of Engineering at Nazarbayev University and he was the first faculty of School of Engineering  to join in August 2011. Prof. Bakenov holds a Doctor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology (2007) and PhD degree from Kazakh National Academy of Science (Physical Chemistry, 1994).
Since 2010, Prof. Bakenov published more than 150 research papers in impact factor journals, obtained several domestic and the USA and EU patents, and presented his research at more than 80 peer-reviewed international conferences.
Prof. Bakenov has established the first startup company of a faculty of Nazarbayev University under a Technology Commercialization Project of the World Bank and the Government of Kazakhstan in 2013. Awards: Medal of the Government of Kazakhstan “For Excellence in Labour” (2018), the Web of Science Award 2020 “Leader of Science”, the Scopus Award-2019 “Researcher of the Year”, the 2017 Award of Springer Nature “Springer Nature Top Authors”, the National Award for the Best Patent of the Year “Shapagat” (2016), the Medal of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan “For Contribution to Development of Science in Kazakhstan” (Dec. 2014), The 2015 Award “Science Leader” by the Thomson Reuters, the 2010 Award of Ceramic Society of Japan for series of work in battery field, the National Academy of Science Award for the best Work in the Field for both graduate and Ph.D. thesis; 2013 – Certificate of the Kazakhstan State Program “Business Roadmap – 2020”: the SME Executive Development Program by Duke Corporate Education and NU Graduate School of Business; the UNESCO Scholarship, National Stipend for Researchers (National Academy of Science of Kazakhstan), the British Council Travel Grant 2015.
Professional memberships: Active member of the Electrochemical Society (ECS USA), the Electrochemical Society of Japan (ECS-J), the Ceramic Society of Japan (CSJ), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).

Prof. Bakenov is a founder and chair of the International conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Energy Storage Systems (INESS). He is Founder of a startup company Institute of Batteries.

Research Projects. Prof. Bakenov has excellent records of project participation and supervision: industrial and National projects in Japan (Nissan Motor Co., Nihon Oil Fat Co.; New Energy Development Organization, NEDO, Japan), Kazakhstan and Canada; Team leader of the European Union FP7 Project, Principal Investigator of two projects under the Technology Commercialization Project of the World Bank and Government of Kazakhstan, a project of Shinko Engineering Research Corp. (JAPAN) funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to establish a fully equipped  automation class at the School of Engineering of Nazarbayev University, Nazarbayev University funded research and commercialization projects. Currently Prof. Bakenov leads a Targeted Research Program funded by the Government of Kazakhstan, several research projects by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and Nazarbayev University as well as industrial projects from companies.

Research interest: Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Systems, Advanced Materials Science, nanotechnology, electrochemistry; advanced rechargeable batteries; grid energy storage; synthesis of functional nanomaterials – including biological application; environmental engineering – remediation of soil and water; modelling and analysis of electrochemical and thermal processes in lithium-ion batteries.

Research Supervision: leading one of the largest international Research Group at NU in advanced energy storage and conversion systems and functional nanomaterials, including NU faculty and teaching assistants, several postdoctoral researchers, and a large group of students from NU and other international and Kazakhstan universities. Prof. Bakenov is supervising seven graduate students (doctor and master) in Kazakhstan and internationally. batterykazakhstan.com

Research collaboration: The Research Group of Prof. Bakenov has excellent collaboration network including universities and companies in Kazakhstan (Al-Farabi KazNU, Satpayev University, KBTU, Eurasian National University and other) and international partners from Japan, South Korea, China, UK, France, Germany, Austria, USA, Russia and other countries. This collaboration results in a large number of joint publications and research works, researchers and students exchange, joint graduate programs etc.


(a) Prototype cells developed in our Laboratory: coin type and pouch cells,
(b) Battery testing and assembly equipment at our Laboratory