Yingqiu Xie

School of Sciences and Humanities, National Laboratory Astana, Laboratory of Biophotonics and imaging, Immunobiology Laboratory, Biology
Assistant Professor

Dr. Xie received the Ph.D. in Genetics from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. During Ph.D. studies, Dr. Xie discovered a strong promoter for bio-engineering from viral genome which was awarded a USA patent. During his postdoctoral training at University of Maryland School of Medicine, Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Meharry Medical College, USA, Dr. Xie discovered novel bio-markers of prostate cancer such as PIM-1L and nMET. In 2008, Dr. Xie was awarded a Full Professor honor of “ Mount Tai” in China. In 2015, Dr. Xie joined Nazarbayev University.  Dr. Xie has been invited as speaker in a number of international conferences. Dr. Xie has international collaborations with well-established labs in USA, and has organized student international internships. Dr. Xie has supervised postgraduate and undergraduate students to carry out cancer research and published their research results or to pass their thesis defense. Dr. Xie’s current research is focusing on molecular and biochemical mechanisms of cancer progression, signaling networks, drug targets, Nano-medicine, Nano-genomics, Gene editing, bio-engineering, clinical urological oncology and precision cancer therapeutics. Dr. Xie has many publications of original research, review, or expert opinion in top journals such as Cancer Cell, European Urology, Oncogene, JBC,  and Cancer Research


1999 – Ph.D.,  Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Gene editing; Nanomedicine and nanogenomics; Signaling networks and drug target in lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and leukemia; Anti-cancer drug resistance and stem cells; Aging in cancer; Environmental health; Oncology.

Patent (inventor, not the owner):

Zhu Zhen, Xie Yingqiu, Liu Yule. CLCuV Promoter and Its Use. United States Patent Number: 6,610,907, Aug 26, 2003 (approved and awarded)

Key Publications:  (Google scholar total citations:  1172)

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