Vasileios Inglezakis

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Associate Professor
+7 7172 706534

Dr Vassilis J. Inglezakis is Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan). His area of research is wide covering advanced materials, nanocomposites, water/wastewater/reclamation, adsorption process modelling, waste management and soil & climate change. He has published 81+ Journal papers, 130+ papers in international conferences, authored 2 books with Elsevier and co-authored and edited 7 more books. His work has received 2300+ citations and he has an h-index of 27 (Scopus data). His latest book  “Environment and Development: Basic Principles, Human Activities, and Environmental Implications” published with Elsevier was nominated for the PROSE awards of 2017.

Dr Inglezakis recently developed the fist Safety Plan of the University and he serves as Chair of the Bio and Chemical Safety of the University. As Labs Coordinator, he has been responsible for the design, development and equipment selection for 29 research & teaching Chemical Engineering labs of total area of 2,812 m2. He was recently appointed to the position of Research Director of the Analytical Chemistry Core Facility. Also,  he is the founder and director of the Environmental Science & Technology Group (ESTg) and the founder and leader of The Environment and Resource Efficiency Cluster (EREC)

Dr Inglezakis has considerable professional experience working in 40+ projects as consultant in 15+ countries, including two appointments as Resident Twining Advisor, a position accredited by the European Commission, on environmental legislation in the Ministry of Environment of Romania and Slovakia. He has been project proposals evaluator for the European Commission in the framework of the LIFE+, ERANETMED, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ programmes, the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (Romania), the Russian Science Foundation, the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (Greece), the Chilean Antarctic Institute (Chile) and the National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation (Kazakhstan).

He is member of the National Research Council of Kazakhstan while in 2016 he was awarded by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan for his distinguished contribution to the country’s education system.