Stavros Poulopoulos

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, “Catalytic Oxidation of Oxygenated Organic Compounds in Exhaust Emissions”, February 2004, School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.

M.Sc. “Environment and Development”, March 2009, National Technical University of Athens.

Diploma in Chemical Engineering and M.Sc. in Process Analysis and Plant Design, October 1995, School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.


Teaching Experience

Nazarbayev University, Kazakh-British Technical University, National Technical University of Athens: Chemical Reaction Engineering I & II, Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering,  Chemical Process Engineering Lab. I & II, Mass and Energy Balances, Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering I, Separation Processes I & II, General Chemical Technology, Processes & Units I: Momentum Transfer, Processes & Units II: Heat & Mass Transfer, Advanced Processes & Units, Design of Chemical Plants, Advanced Design of Chemical Plants.


Research Interests

Research experience and publications in the field of environmental protection and treatment of gas pollutants and industrial wastewaters. Continuous involvement in all lab activities and significant experience in developing the capacity of a laboratory. Specifically, my forthcoming research interests include:

▪          The catalytic, photochemical and photocatalytic treatment of complex mixtures of air pollutants or wastewaters,

▪          The potential of producing hydrogen via the photocatalytic water splitting,

▪          The assessment of waste releases from industrial activities,

▪          The application of photocatalysis in medicine.



62 papers published in scientific journals and international conferences proceedings.

“Adsorption, Ion Exchange and Catalysis: Design of Operations and Environmental Applications” by V.J. Inglezakis & S.G. Poulopoulos, Elsevier, September 2006.

Chapter 21. “Gaseous Emissions and Pollution Prevention from the Incineration of Sewage Sludge”, pp. 463-479 in “Sludge Management: From the Past to Our Century”, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., March 2012.

“Environment and Development: Basic Principles, Human Activities and Environmental Implications” by S.G. Poulopoulos & V.J. Inglezakis, Elsevier, May 2016.


Other Scholar Activities

Reviewer of the following international scientific journals:

Atmospheric Environment, Science of the Total Environment, Journal of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Technology, Energy & Fuels, Applied Energy, Energy Policy, British Journal of Environment and Climate Change, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Desalination and Water Treatment, Journal of Advanced Oxidation Technologies, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, Tourism Management, Chemical Engineering Journal, Environmental Technology, Fuel, Applied Catalysis A: General, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Catalysts.

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, 1996-today.

Member of the Hellenic Union of Chemical Engineers, 1996-today.

Member of the American Chemical Society, 2010-today.