Shu Shan Lee

School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Political Science and International Relations
Assistant Professor
+7(7172)69 47 41

As a Fulbright Scholar from Taiwan, I completed my Ph.D. in political theory in the Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics at the University of Virginia. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan. My research interests include Confucian political philosophy, theories of political obligation, comparative political theory, and interview studies of the political ideas of ordinary people. These areas inspire my research, and I’m fascinated by the intersection of political theory and practice. Research aside, I also devote myself to teaching. I have taught “Introduction to Political Theory,” “Ancient Political Theory,” “Modern Political Theory,” “Confucianism and the Development of Chinese Politics,” and “Theories of Political Obligations.” If you need additional information, please contact me at