Sergei Sabanov

School of Mining and Geosciences
Associate Professor

Associate Professor , School of Mining and Geosciences, Nazarbayev University


– Principal Consultant, SRK Consulting (UK) 

– Senior Researcher/Lecturer, Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Mining

– Mining Engineer, Estonian Oil Shale Mining Company (Eesti Põlevkivi Ltd.) 

Degree (All at Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Mining):

– PhD in Power Engineering and  Geotechnology, 2008

– MSc in Mining Engineering, 2004

– BSc in Mining Engineering, 2002

Academic Activities:

  •  SMG Courses:

– MINE310 Surface Mine Design

– MINE322 Mine Ventilation

– MINE328 Rock Fragmentation

– MINE345 Explosives Engineering

– MINE460 Mine Management

– MINE445 Coal Mining Methods and Design

– MINE513 Rock Excavation Methods

– MINE514 Advanced Surface Mine Design

– MINE516 Advanced Mine Ventilation

– MINE517 Mine Management and Sustainability

– MINE519 Mining Automation and Maintenance 

– MINE534 Mining Economics 

  • Education Innovation:

– Industry & SMG collaboration for the explosive engineering field program

– Integration of lab and mine site activities for mine ventilation education 
– Teaching using optimisation and design software to solve advanced topics in mining industry

Research Interests:

  • Mine Ventilation Simulation
  • Rock Fragmentation Optimisation Methods
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Methodologies in Mining Projects
  • Mine Optimisation, Mine Planning and Mine Design for Reserve Estimate
  • Strategic Mine Planning
  • Mine Automation and Communication systems: Production Monitoring, Remote Operations and Blasting, Intelligent Ventilation Control…
  • Sustainability Assessment Methods for Mining Industry
  • Oil Shale In-Situ Retorting

Research Projects:

  • Risk Analysis Methodology for Automated Mine Ventilation Systems

-Funding by NU internal grants funds

-PI Dr. Sergei Sabanov

  • Automated truck on KAMAZ wheelbase 5490 NEO

-Funding by VIST Group company

-PI Dr. Sergei Sabanov

  • Mine Ventilation Optimisation

-Potential funding by Kazakhstan Mining companies 

-PI Dr. Sergei Sabanov