Rozaliya Garipova

School of Sciences and Humanities, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Assistant Professor

Rozaliya Garipova’s research and teaching focus on the Islamic history of Russia, Central Eurasia and the larger Muslim world. She is particularly interested in exploring issues of religious authority, Islamic law and women and gender in Islam as well as the interaction between Islamic law and empire. Rozaliya’s current book project is a religious history of Muslim family life in the Volga-Urals and Western Siberia. It traces the impact of imperial governance on the religious authority of the ulama and on Muslim family law. The transformation in the region’s Islamic authority ushered changes in Islamic marriage and divorce and created new understandings about their legality. For this book project Rozaliya is combining a variety of sources: marriage and divorce petitions to the Orenburg Muslim Spiritual Assembly, Islamic intellectual sources, and Muslim periodical press of the early twentieth century.

Rozaliya received her Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University in 2013. She held Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellowship at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania, during 2013-15 where she taught Islamic history of Central Eurasia, Women and religious authority in the Muslim world, and Islamic law and modernity. She was a member at the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, in 2015-16 and James Billington fellow at Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington D.C. in 2016-17. Her articles have appeared in The Journal of Economic and Social History of the Orient, Islamic Law and Society, Die Welt Des Islams, Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law. In addition to her affiliation with NU, Dr. Garipova is a Research Fellow at the Mardzhani History Institute at Kazan, Russia.