Robert Trueman

School of Mining and Geosciences

Professor Mining Engineering Nazarbayev University

Academic Experience

Principal Research Fellow. University of Queensland (1995-2008)

Research Group Manager. CSIRO Australia (1991-1995)

Senior Lecturer. Camborne School of Mines (1988-1991)

Research Associate. University College Cardiff (1986-1988)

Research Fellow. University of the Witwatersrand (1981-1983)

Industry Experience

Principal Consulting Mining Engineer. Golder Associates (2008-2017)

Mining Operations Engineer. Anglo American Corporation of South Africa (1983-1985)

Mining Operations Engineer. National Coal Board (1973-1981)


BSc, MSc, Ph.D. Mining Engineering

Research Activities

  • Research Interests: Applied Metalliferous and Coal Mining Rock Mechanics
  • Current Project

–Improving Roof Control on Longwall Faces through Load Cycle Analysis, duration 2013-2017, sponsor Australian Coal Association Research Programme (ACARP)

  • Ph.D. Advisee Research Focus Areas

–Ian Brunton: “The Effects of Blasting on Flow Characteristics in Sub Level Caving”

–Penny Stewart: “Minimising Dilution in Narrow Vein Open Stopping”

–Raul Castro “Mechanics of Granular Flow for Block Caving”

–Ridho Wattimena “Designing Undercut and Production Level Drifts in Block Caving”

–Adrianus Halim: “Influence of Interactive Draw in Block Caving Mines”

–Michael Callan: “Longwall Powered Supports – Fitness for Purpose”

–William Lawrence: “A Method for Designing Longwall Gateroad Support”

–Clare Mawdesley: “Predicting Rock Mass Caveability in Block Caving Mines”

–Gavin Power: “Modelling Granular Flow in Caving Mines”

–Italo Onederra: ”Influence of Blasting on Rock Mass Strength”

–Ian Thin: “Stress Distributions Around Longwall Panels”

–Duncan Tyler: “Probabilistic Key Block Theory for Drift Support”

Teaching Experience

  • Rock Mechanics at Batchelor level to Mining Engineering students -University of Queensland (1991-2008)
  • Rock Mechanics at Batchelor and Master degree levels to Mining Engineering and Geological Engineering students – Camborne School of Mines (1988-1991)
  • Mechanised rock breaking and coal mining methods at Batchelor and Post Graduate Diploma levels to Mining Engineering students – University of the Witwatersrand (1981-1983)

Research Experience

  • Longwall Coal Mining

–Predicting longwall face roof control problems in advance through the analyses of shield monitoring data

–Shield support specification

–Pillar design

–Gateroad support design

–Subsidence assessment

–Measurement of mining-induced stresses

  • Block Caving

–Undercut and Extraction Level Design

–Caveability Predictions

–Draw point spacing and ore recovery through an understanding of the gravity flow of broken rock

  • Sub Level Open Stoping

–Stable stope span predictions

–Dilution control in narrow vein deposits

  • Sub Level Caving

–Drawpoint spacing and ore recovery through an understanding of the gravity flow of broken rock

–The influence of blasting on the gravity flow of broken rock

  • Gas drainage

–The development of a novel ultrashort radius drilling system