Philip Enns

School of Sciences and Humanities, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Vice Dean Academic Affairs
Dr. Philip Enns is the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. Enns teaches in the areas of Epistemology, Religion and Democracy, and Philosophy of Language. Before becoming Vice Dean, Dr. Enns had served as chair of the Academic Affairs committee as well as a Curriculum Committee for the School.
Dr. Enns’ research is focused broadly on epistemological issues surrounding the role of beliefs and reasons in public life. He has published several articles exploring the role of religious reasons within public discourse in democracies. He also has research interests in a number of different philosophers including Kant, Wittgenstein, Habermas and Donald Davidson. More recently, Dr. Enns has begun to publish in the area of medieval Islamic philosophy, focusing on the works of al Farabi, Ibn Sina and al Ghazali.
Before coming to Nazarbayev University, Dr. Enns spent four years teaching philosophy at the State Islamic University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia where he was the only faculty member who was from the West and not Muslim. Dr. Enns also spent three years teaching in Nigeria.