Mehdi Bagheri

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor
Block 3.527
+7 7172709251

Mehdi Bagheri, PhD., University of New South Wales, Australia

 Last News

Position Available: Our project titled: “Dynamic wireless charging of  tunable-frequency lasers” is funded for three years starting from July 2019. As such, there is post-doc position for motivated researchers, and prospective PhD degree holder to work at Dr. Bagheri’s Green Energy and Power System Group. This is the announcement for interested candidate with strong background in power electronics and wireless charging systems. The applicant should be familiar with Ansys Maxwell/Ansys Electronics software and hands-on experience in building prototype. Interested candidates should send their CVs to

Position Available: Our project titled: “Real-time Transformer Active Part Prognosis using Frequency Response Analysis” is funded  by NU for three years starting March 2018. As such, there are multiple opening Ph.D./MSc. positions for motivated researchers, and prospective students to work at Dr. Bagheri’s Green Energy and Power System Group. This is the announcement for interested candidate with strong background in power engineering. The applicant should be familiar with transformer structure and simulation software and he/she also should be motivated to perform practical study.  Interested candidates should send their CVs to by March 31st, 2018.

Position Available: Our project titled: “Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles” is funded  by Ministry of Science and Technology for three years starting April 2018. As such, there are multiple opening Ph.D./MSc. positions for motivated researchers, and prospective students to work at Dr. Bagheri’s Green Energy and Power System Group. This is the announcement for interested candidate with strong background in power engineering specially with the expertise in power electronics. The applicants with practical background are preferable.  Interested candidates should send their CVs to by March 31st, 2018.

 Position Available: There are multiple MSc. positions available for design and implementation of “IoT based Smart Meter” in Green Energy and Power System Group at Nazarbeyev University. This is a granted two years project starting from March 2018. The applicant should be familiar with power engineering and have background in IoT and Cloud systems and smart phone App programming.  Interested candidates should send their CVs to by March 31st, 2018.



Mehdi Bagheri received the M.Sc. degree from the Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2007. He gained his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering Power Systems and High Voltage from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia in 2014. From 2015 to 2016, he served as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Electrical Engineering Department of National University of Singapore (NUS)As a research fellow, Dr. Bagheri closely worked with the Rolls-Royce Pte. Ltd. in Singapore on “Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Marine Transformers and Filters”. He is currently an Associate Professor with the School of Engineering, the University of Nazarbayev, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.  Professional industrial activity of Dr. Bagheri started in 2007 when he was serving as a project manager at Iran Transformer Research Institute (ITRI). He has been also served as Head of the Test and Diagnostic Department at ITRI between 2008 and 2010. In the same period, he was project manager of “Operation, Life Assessment and Maintenance of Transformers of Iran’s Transmission Substations, 400kV and 230kV”, in a collaborative project between ITRI and Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC). Dr. Bagheri is involved in advance testing and commissioning of power transformers, cables and switchgear and also giving consultancy to multi-national companies in areas including power products manufacturing, strategic relationship management with industry and academia to foster science and commercial opportunities, high voltage engineering, smart grid and smart city, dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicle, condition monitoring of power equipment and finally sustainable energy systems analysis and development. More than 50 industrial training short courses for oil, gas, petrochemical, cement, and steel companies as well as power plants have been conducted by Dr. Bagheri. He has also served as the Technical Chair of International Transformer Conference and Exhibition (ITCE) in 2014 and 2015. His research interests include high voltage engineering, condition monitoring and assessment, diagnosis in power system for off- and onshore, space and marine applications, electrical rotating machines, transient in power system, electrical insulation, power quality, smart grid and city, demand response and smart energy systems.

Research Interests

  • Power System Analysis, Real-time Monitoring and Industry 4.0, Fault Diagnosis,
  • High Voltage Technology, Transformers, Electric Rotating Machines,
  • IoT in Power System, Smart City and Smart Grid, and Internet of Energy (IoE)
  • Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles,
  • Energy Efficiency, Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Power Quality and Harmonics,
  • Electrical Insulation Ageing, Monitoring, Assessment, Optimization, and Frequency Response,
  • Partial Discharge and Cable Insulation Tests.

Research Projects

  • Online Detection of Transformer Winding Deformation,
  • UAV Charging via Overhead Line,
  • Estimation of Operating Reserves in Systems with High Penetration of Variable Renewable Energy using Probabilistic Approach, 
  • Real-time Evaluation of High Voltage Insulators Using Image Processing Technique, 
  • Feasibility Study on Solar Energy Harvesting System Implementation in Moving Train,
  • Design and Implementation of Smart Meter for Semi-intelligent Apartment.
  • Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs).
  • Online De-icing System for Railway Electrification System (AC Centenary, 25 kV),
  • Automated DGA and FRA Analysis for Large Power Transformers,
  • Electric Field Distribution in Inter-shield Transformer Winding.
  • Efficiency Improvement and Optimization of Electric Vehicle (EV) Wireless Charging System,
  • Load Balancing and Demand Response in Decentralized Kazakhstan Energy,
  • Advanced Techniques in High Voltage Monitoring Systems,
  • Smart Quality and Flicker Detector of Residential Lighting System,
  • Smart Aging and Load Detector of Dry-type Transformer (Industry 4.0),
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Marine Transformers,
  • Transformer Winding Deformation and Insulation Characteristic Effects on Frequency Response Analysis,
  • Real-time Vibration and Acoustic Analysis of Power Transformer,
  • Transformer Humidity Recognition using Frequency Response Analysis,
  • Design and Implementation of Inter-shield Disc Winding Instead of Interleaved Disc Winding in Power Transformers,
  • Different Techniques in Initial Impulse Voltage Distribution Improvement of Power Transformer.

University Activities

  • Electrical Engineering Department Master Program Coordinator
  • Electrical Engineering Department Equipment and Laboratory Coordinator
  • IEEE Kazakhstan Branch – Power Engineering Coordinator and Treasure (Volunteer Activity)

Research Grants

2018 – 2020: Research Topic on “Real-time Load, Vibration and Aging Monitoring System for Distribution Transformers using Cloud Service” funded  by NU ORAU Commercialization, 240,000 USD

2018 – 2020: Research Topic on “Smart Real-time Transformer Winding Prognosis System using Cloud Service” funded  by NU Faculty Development competitive Research Grants, 150,000 USD

2018 – 2020 : Research Topic on “Energy Efficient Systems for Transportation and Smart City in Kazakhstan” funded  by Kazakhstan Ministry of Science and Education,  194,000 USD, sub-program 3 of  ““Innovative Materials and Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage”

2018 – 2019 : Research Topic on “Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles” funded  by NU Social Policy Grant, 10,000 USD

Recent Invited Talks and Short Course Training for Industry

  • UN ECE, 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, EXPO 2017.
  • Vatican Investment Conference on Energy for Our Common Home, Kazakhstan, Sep 2017.
  • International Seminar Towards Smart Sustainable Cities, Nazarbayev University, June, 2017
  • IEEE International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications, June, 2017.
  • International Transformer Conference and Exhibition (ITCE), 21-22 September, 2015,
  • Short Course Training on Advanced Transformer Diagnosis Techniques,
  • Short Course on Transformer Testing, Diagnosis and Maintenance,
  • Short Course on Transformer Oil Assessment, Fault Diagnosis and Humidity Recognition,
  • Short Course on Transformer Structure, Installation, Operation and Overloading,
  • Short Course on Power Quality Effects on Transformer, Cable and Capacitance,
  • Short Course on Transformer Frequency Response Analysis.

Journal and Conference Reviewer (Partial List)

  • Associate Editor, IEEE Access Journal
  • IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery
  • IEEE Transaction on Dielectric and Electrical Insulation
  • IEEE Transaction on Industrial Electronics
  • IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics
  • IEEE Journal on Electrical Insulation
  • IEEE Access
  • Elsevier Journal on Electrical Power and Energy System
  • Elsevier , International Journal on Engineering Science and Technology
  • IET Generation Transmission Distribution
  • Journal of Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research
  • Springer, International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Archives of Electrical Engineering Journal
  • IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation 
  • IEEE International Conference on Power and Renewable Energy ( ICPRE)
  • International Conference on Power and Energy Systems ( ICPES 2016)
  • IEEE International Conference on Electric Power and Energy Conversion Systems,
  • IEEE International Power and Energy Conference
  • IEEE International Conference on Vehicle Power and Propulsion
  • IEEE International Conference on Clean Energy and Technology
  • International Power System Conference
  • International Transformer Conference and Exhibition
  • International Conference Advanced Research in Material Sciences, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Technology (AR4MET’2015)
  • IEEE International Conference on Energy Conversion (2015)
  • IEEE International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON)
  • International Conference on Power and Energy Systems (ICPES)
  • International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environment (ICREE 2017)
  • International Conference On Renewable Energy (2018)

Conference Chair

  • Technical Chair, 2nd International Transformer Conference and Exhibition (ITCE), 21-22 September, 2015, Tehran, Iran (,
  • Technical Chair, Energy Saving and Future Energy Track, IEEE International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications (SIBCON 2017).

Current Industrial Collaborations

Previous Industrial Collaborations

  • ABB (Australia)
  • OMICRON Gmbh (Australia)
  • Energy Australia (Australia)
  • Rolls-Royce (Singapore)
  • LDIC (Germany)
  • WINKLER Co. (Switzerland)
  • MEGGER (Sweden)
  • Iran Transfo (Iran)
  • Niroo Research Institute (Iran)
  • Transformer Research Institute (Iran)

Previous Industrial Projects

  • Developing of Loading and Harmonic Analysis Software for Performance and Life-assessment of Dry-type and Liquid-filled Transformers,
  • Dean-Stark Method and Karl-Fischer Titration and Frequency Domain Spectroscopy
  • Comprehensive Software Development for FRA Interpretation (Still under development),
  • Harmonic Impacts on Power Transformer De-rating,
  • Smart Meter Development (AMR and AMI), New Pattern Design,
  • Power Quality Improvement for Industrial Application,
  • Smart Application of High Voltage Monitoring Systems,
  • Online Insulation Monitoring Techniques,
  • Software Development on Dielectric Dissipation Factor and Insulation Resistance Test for Transformer Assessment,
  • Life-assessment of more than 800 Power Transformers,

Society  Membership Supervision

  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), U.S.
  • Member of Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society (IEEE), U.S.
  • Member of IET, Australia
  • Member, Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IAEEE), Iran
  • Member of Organization for Engineering Order of Building-Tehran, Iran
  • Member of Iranian Association of Electrical Engineering, Iran

Thesis Supervision

BSc Students

  1.  Adilet Sultanbek (granted)
  2.  Auyez Khassenov (granted)
  3.  Madina Kenzhegaliyeva (granted)
  4.  Yerassyl Kanapyanov (granted)
  5.  Magzhan Yernazarov (granted)
  6.  Danabek Abildayev (granted)
  7.  Almas Amandossov (granted)
  8.  Medet Perdebek (granted)
  9.  Azamat Mukhatov (granted)
  10.  Talgat Otelgen (granted)
  11.  Ilyas Soltanbayev (granted)
  12.  Radkhan Sarmukhanov (granted)
  13.  Sanzhar Kazymov (granted)
  14.  Nauryzbay Mussin (granted)
  15.  Nurzhan Amanzholov (granted)
  16.  Aidar Suleimen (granted)
  17.  Temirlan Akhmenov (granted)
  18.  Altynay Smagulova (granted)
  19.  Aigerim Borasheva (granted)
  20.  Nurbolat Bazarbek (granted)
  21.  Nurtas Moldiyar (granted)
  22.  Batyrbek Alimkhanuly (granted)
  23.  Anvar Khamitov (granted)
  24.  Miras Maksut (granted)
  25.  Aidana Kalakova (ongoing)
  26.  Dias Dosmagambet (granted)
  27.  Arnur Karbozov (granted)
  28.  Aidana Daulbayeva (granted)
  29.  Yelaman Medet, (granted)
  30.   Kadyrov, Alen Kabdislam (granted)
  31.  Nurlan Berikkazin (granted)
  32.  Anuar Kabidenov (granted)
  33.  Arman Kadyrov (granted)
  34. Azamat Marlen (granted)
  35. Bexultan Nursultan (granted)
  36. Aishabibi Abukhan (granted)
  37. Nursultan Kaiyrbekov (granted)
  38. Aidyn Zhambyl (granted)
  39. Aidar Tleubayev (granted)
  40. Yerlan Amanzholov (granted)
  41. Yerdos Yebenbay (granted)
  42. Timur Malikov (granted)
  43. Yerniaz Tolegen (granted)

MSc Students

  1.   Venera Nurmanova (granted)
  2.   Zhaksylyk Kudaibergenov (granted)
  3.   Alina Nurpeissova (ongoing)
  4.   Ainur Rakhymbay (granted)
  5.   Abduvakhit Junussov (granted)
  6.   Yerkhan Sapiyev (granted)
  7.   Sanzhar Sultan (granted)
  8.   Temirlan Orynbassar  (granted)
  9.   Abylay Aldiyarov  (granted)
  10.   Azamat Mukhatov (granted)
  11.   Yerden Kypshokpayev (co-supervision, granted)
  12.  Nurzhan Arkabayev (co-supervision, granted)
  13.  Ali Mubarakov (co-supervision, granted)
  14.  Adilet Sultanbek (granted)
  15.  Bekarys  Kuspan (granted)
  16.  Azamat Mukhatov (granted)
  17.  Auyez Khassenov (granted)
  18.  Kazybek Suieubek (granted)
  19.  Diana Sadykova (co-supervision, granted)
  20. Altynay Smagulova (ongoing)
  21. Aiman Makhsudova (ongoing)
  22. Nargiz Adilzhanova (co-supervision, ongoing)
  23. Daniyar Sypatayev (co-supervision, ongoing)

  PhD Students

  1.  Maxim Lu, (Supervisor), (ongoing)
  2.  Svyatoslav Nezhivenko, (supervisor) (ongoing)
  3.  Venera Nurmanova, (supervisor) (ongoing)
  4.  Damira Pernebayeva (Co-supervision), (ongoing)
  5.  Yerzhigit Bapin (Co-supervision), (ongoing)

  Laboratory Members

  1. Ahmad Darabi
  2. Yerbol Akhmetov
  3. Maxim Lu
  4. Sanzhar Kazymov
  5. Dias Sadykov
  6. Nauryzbay Musin
  7. Assylkhan Amankhan
  8. Askat Kural
  9. Islambek Temirbek