Martin Lukac

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, National Laboratory Astana, Computer Science Laboratory, Computer Science
Associate Professor

My research area is Artificial Intelligence and various sub-areas such as reasoning ad verification, decision making, bio-physical processing with applications in Computer Vision. My secondary interests are in Quantum Logic Synthesis, Quantum finite State Machines and Quantum Decision Making and Quantum Computing used as simulation for Artificial Emotions.

In particular these are the current areas of research that I am actively working on:

Computer Vision: Image Understanding by combining reasoning and current state of art algorithm. This is achieved via an algorithm selection platform integrating various algorithms and intermediary content verification and feedback.


Live-Feeling communication: a hardware-software platform intended to estimate user intention and provide the most desired content. The platform includes technologies such as intention estimation from preferences, real-time estimation of streaming content, emotions estimations, behavioral analysis, etc.

Quantum Computing: the design of quantum circuits in various quantum models such as CV/CNOT, Clifford-T, CH/CZ. I am also interested in quantum faults and in the realization of sequential quantum devices such as Finite State Machines.

Projects available for research in various forms:

  • Variable Sifting in Reversible and Quantum Circuits (with extensions into minimization of Boolean Decision Diagrams)
  • Quantum Operator Forms for exact circuits minimization
  • Clifford-T synthesis of quantum circuits
  • Elementary particle simulator on GPGPU
  • Evolutionary and Algorithmic Synthesis and Optimization of Quantum Circuits

  • CNNs for Autonomous software Selection Platform
  • High level Semantic Content Verification
  • Background Estimation form partial recognition
  • Motion Enabled Image Processing
  • Self-Growing Neural Networks for Problem Complexity Analysis

You can find more on my research and active projects on my website

Additionally have a look at CS Department Research Website