Mariza Tsakalerou

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mariza Tsakalerou is an active researcher, practitioner and academic in knowledge management, business clusters, innovation networks and entrepreneurship. Her current research interests focus on the relationship between group learning modalities and new product development.

In her career, Dr. Tsakalerou has interweaved a number of significant appointments with real-world entrepreneurial activities. She has served as a Research Fellow with the Department of Industrial Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University; as a Visiting Scholar with the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at George Washington University; as an Academic Visitor with the Division of Engineering & Technology Management at the National University of Singapore.

She was a Ministerial Advisor for public policy initiatives on open administration and e-governance, before becoming an Assistant Professor of the Master of Engineering & Management Program at Nazarbayev University. Dr. Tsakalerou co-founded, developed and later sold a .com consultancy, responsible for the social media accounts of manufacturing and service firms. She is currently serving on the management board of Vertitech, a leading software developer and installer of educational management systems worldwide.

Dr. Tsakalerou is active in international fora (such as the OECD Idea Factory, the European Innovation Summit, the Joint Institute for Innovation Policy and the European Higher Education Society) and a contributor to the Asia-Europe Foundation’s Education Hub.

Dr. Tsakalerou is a member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). She serves as a reviewer for the International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital and the Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management.