Lei Wang

School of Mining and Geosciences
Assistant Professor

Dr. Lei Wang is an Assistant Professor in Petroleum Engineering in School of Mining and Geosciences at Nazarbayev University. In Dec. 2014, he obtained his PhD degree in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines with the dissertation of “Simulation of fluid slip flow and phase behavior in nanopores”. He received his BS and MS degrees from China University of Petroleum, in Environmental Engineering and Petroleum Engineering, respectively. Before joining Nazarbayev University in 2019, he had worked as a postdoc researcher on several projects, including development of cryogenic fracturing technology for shale and tight gas reservoirs, quantitative characterization of CO2 geological sequestration, chemical EOR, formation damage, and so forth.

Research interests:

Reservoir simulation with multiphysics (geomechanics, thermal, chemical, etc.), waterless fracturing techniques (Liquid N2, CO2) for unconventional reservoir development (coalbed methane, shale, and tight formations), data analytics and machine learning applications in reservoir engineering, phase behavior and thermodynamics, gas flow in nanoporous media, gas EOR, CO2 geological sequestration, and remediation of clay related formation damage.

Available positions:

Currently we have 2 PhD, 5 MS, and a number of undergraduate openings in the group.

There are also 1 postdoc researcher and at least 1 visiting scholar positions starting from 2021.

Applicants with strong computational, experimental, and fracturing relevant experience are encouraged to contact Dr. Lei Wang for more details.

Ongoing project:

Simulation of gas injection EOR in tight carbonate reservoirs coupling capillarity and geomechanics (2020-2022). 

Development of cryogenic fracturing technology for coalbed methane production in Karaganda Coal Basin (2021-2023).