Janet Helmer

Graduate School of Education
Associate Professor
Block C3 5.008
+7 7172 704970

Dr. Janet Helmer is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education. She holds an EdD from University of Minnesota, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Plymouth State University (USA), A MA from Framingham State College (USA), a B.Ed. from University of Western Ontario (Primary Education Specialist and Special Education) (CA) and a BA (joint hons) from University of Waterloo (CA). Much of Janet’s research involves working with disadvantaged populations to improve educational outcomes, health and well-being through teacher effectiveness professional development projects. Janet has also worked as a lecturer in pre-service teacher education and a as teacher in inclusive classrooms in Canada, Japan, Guatemala, Laos, Egypt and Australia. Janet has a background in early childhood and primary school education, teacher education, curriculum, and school leadership.