Evagoras Xydas

School of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Assistant Professor
+7 (7172) 704626

Short Biography

My general background is in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on dynamic system analysis, modeling and control. I graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (2012) from Budapest University of Technology and Economics and continued my studies under a full merit-based scholarship from British Council at King’s College London, where I received a MSc in Assistive Technology (2014). I completed a PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cyprus (2011). I have taught several courses as a visiting lecturer and instructor at graduate and undergraduate level at the University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology and Frederick University. Currently I am employed as an Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Nazarbayev University, where I teach control and dynamics related courses. Besides my academic career I have worked in industry as a consultant engineer where I designed mechanical plants for buildings, pumping stations and other applications. Furthermore I am involved in product development and entrepreneurship in general.


My research is focused in rehabilitation robotics and engineering, haptic interfaces and vibrotactile displays and dynamic systems analysis and modeling. Currently I am involved in the following projects:

  1. Design and analysis of minimally actuated robotic mechanisms for upper limb rehabilitation.
  2. Dynamic analysis and modeling of a satellite attitude control system.
  3. Gearing and meshing analysis of 3D surfaces.
  4. Applied neurophysiology research for vibrotactile sensitivity of the hand.
  5. Haptic Interfaces for upper limb rehabilitation.