Ernazar Abdikamalov

School of Sciences and Humanities, Physics, Energetic Cosmos Laboratory
Associate Professor

Ernazar joined the Physics Department of Nazarbayev University as an Assistant Professor during the summer of 2014. His research interests are in the field of computational and theoretical astrophysics. Currently, his research mainly focuses on various aspects of core-collapse supernovae and compact objects such as neutron star, black holes, and white dwarfs. More generally, he works on various topics at the interface of numerical relativity, fluid and plasma dynamics, gravitational waves, nuclear and neutrino astrophysics, radiation transport, and high-performance computing. He received his Ph.D. in October 2009 at SISSA. Before joining Nazarbayev University, he was a postdoctoral scholar at the Louisiana State University, California Institute of Technology, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.