Christos Spitas

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Christos Spitas is professor of Machine Design at Nazarbayev University and leader of the Space Technology Research group, the Space, the Industry and Transportation Research Cluster, and the Personal Development Platform for Teaching and Learning. His research interests focus on mechanics- and mutiphysics-based design of advanced systems including space satellites, powertrains and high-power high-precision actuators, off-shore platforms, and vehicles such as aircraft, automobiles and locomotives, with a number of currently running projects. Parallel to technology development, his research covers systematic design methodology, abstract systems representation (idea algebra) and reliability modelling.

Prior to joining Nazarbayev University, he was professor of Embodiment Design and head of the Product Engineering Section at Delft University of Technology and served in a number of senior positions in the industry, with a track record of leading over 15 major projects funded by the European Commission, ESA, CERN, Toyota, Kawasaki, and other industrial partners. At Nazarbayev University, Christos Spitas is teaching the subjects Machine Design, Mechanical Systems Design, Advanced Design and Manufacturing, and Space Systems Design, is coordinator of the capstone projects at the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is Principal Investigator of the research projects NANOCAST, HYST, VSAT and AGILE and Co-Principal Investigator of several more projects of the Space Technology Research group.