Benjamin Tyler

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Computer Science
Associate Professor
+7 (7172) 706538


Before coming to NU,  Dr. Tyler worked in the private sector in the U.S. as a software engineer and researcher.  During this time, he was the principal investigator on several projects, some of which included the development of:

  • Specification-based techniques for runtime protection of integrated circuits against failure or attack
  • Models and algorithms for forecasting behaviors of different social and cultural groups within the context of varied scenarios
  • Specification and implementation of a generic System Level Design Language (
  • AI-based algorithms for real-time resource allocation for large-scale defense systems which are robust in the face of uncertain or incomplete data


Research Interests

Dr. Tyler’s research interests include the use of formal methods and artificial intelligence techniques for system validation and protection. The use of such hybrid approaches may allow us to overcome complexity and heterogeneity issues that are common in real-world systems, but render standard verification approaches infeasible.  He has a continued interest in AI-based algorithms for real-time optimal control, as they are applied to a variety of areas such as the collection and allocation of energy resources, and tasking of autonomous agents in fighting wildland fires.  Recently, he has been investigating the use of instructional technologies and methodologies such as the “flipped classroom” approach in Computer Science education.