Assem Duisembekova

School of Sciences and Humanities, National Laboratory Astana, Laboratory of Biophotonics and imaging, Immunobiology Laboratory, Biology


2016: MSc in Biology- École normale supérieure de Lyon (France)

2011: BSc in Biotechnology (Enterprise) – The University of Manchester (UK)

Short bio:

I joined the Department of Biology at School of Science and Technology, NU, as a Teaching Assistant in 2011. I actively took part in the teaching and research processes of the department. I was involved in the research project led by Dr. Charles Gilman to work with an alternative model organism, zebrafish Danio rerio, to study hypoxic-ischemic brain damage. Also, I was a co-author of review articles on the role of pathogens in the development and progression of cancers under the supervision of Dr. Ken Alibek.

Then, I was awarded the Ampère Excellence Scholarship by ENS de Lyon to study Master’s degree programme. During my Master programme, I had an advantage of rotation in different research institutions where I studied plant development (the role of mechanosensitive gene ELA1 in regulation of gibberellin in the seed coat of Arapidopsis thaliana, the role of Arabidopsis chromatin remodeller Vernalization Independence 3 in regulation of shoot patterning), and inhibition of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay by Human T-cell lymphotropic virus. 

After receiving the MSc degree, I got a position of an Instructor in Biology at the School of Science and Technology of Nazarbayev University.


Research interests:

Plant development, viral infection and cancer development, biochemistry, molecular biology.