Alexander Ruderman

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Professor

Alexander was born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1957. He received his M.Sc. degree with Honors from Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute (1980) and Ph.D. degree from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (1987) (in electrical and electromechanical engineering respectively).

In 1995-2003, Alexander worked for Intel Corporation Microprocessor Development Center (Haifa, Israel) as a research scientist investigating into microprocessors thermal stabilization, fast static timing calculations including cross-talk, power delivery and power minimization related issues. In 2006, he joined Elmo Motion Control (Petach Tikva, Israel), the makers of compact intelligent servo drives, as Chief Scientist. Elmo drives are allegedly used by NASA in Mars curiosity mission.

Since 2013, Alexander is Associate Professor at Nazarbayev University School of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. He is a regular reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics and Power Electronics and a program / advisory / scientific committee member for several international Power Electronics Conferences. His major research focus currently is on simple time domain methods applied to analysis of multilevel power electronic converters – he authored more than 50 conference and journal papers on the subject.

Alexander is IEEE Senior Member and Associate Editor for the IET Journal of Power Electronics.