Aikaterini Mandilara

School of Sciences and Humanities, Physics, National Laboratory Astana, Laboratory of Physics and Materials Science
Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Quantum control, Information, Computing and Cryptography

Main Research Outcomes:

  • A  proof on the advantages of probabilistic quantum control 
  • Nilpotent  technique  for characterizing multipartite entanglement
  • An efficient algorithm for analyzing entanglement in mixed multipartite quantum states
  •  A novel  representation for describing symmetric states of spin 1/2 systems
  •  An extended uncertainty relation  saturated by all number states
  • A protocol for performing quantum compiling without the inverses for qubit systems
  • A secure quantum optical protocol for performing Bit Commitment 
  • A first extension on Hudson’s theorem for mixed quantum state
  • A scheme for protecting multi-mode quantum signals from quadratic dispersion
  •  Contributing to the identification of a new class on non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with real spectrum



  •  ORAU Grant, 2018-2021, PI, `Dissecting the Collective Dynamics of  Arrays of Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Metamaterials’
  • MES Grant, 2016-2017, PI, `Superconducting and Quantum  Metamaterials’